Contra Dance in the Parish Hall

The Houston Area Traditional Dance Society's Contra Dancers will be wearing the floor boards bare all Saturday evening as they get together for a community dance in the St. Andrew's Parish Hall. You might be asking. What is Contra Dance? Please allow the group's website to explain:

“Contra dancing is a type of American social dancing with roots in English, Scottish, and Irish traditions. It is done in long lines of couples in a 'set' with partners facing each other across the set. A caller teaches the figures of each dance before it begins, then cues the dancers the first several times through the dance.

We always dance to live music. There is simply no substitute for the energy of a live band and for the interplay between the musicians and the dancers.

The environment is smoke-free, alcohol-free, fragrance free, safe, and family-friendly. This is a community dance, similar to the barn dances of bygone days.

No lessons are required, as each individual dance is taught before it begins. Plus, there are only about 20 moves to learn.”



Saturday, November 24, from 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM


St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Parish Hall at 1819 Heights Boulevard