English Country Dance in the Parish Hall

The Houston Area Traditional Dance Society's Contra Dancers will be wearing the floor boards bare Thursday evening as they get together for a community dance in the St. Andrew's Parish Hall. If you're unfamiliar with English Country Dancing, please allow the group's website to explain:

“English Country Dancing is the direct ancestor of contra dance and is still very much alive today, with newly composed dances entering the repertoire all the time. ECD offers much greater variety in musical styles, dance formations, and styling than contra dance does. It can be lively and raucous, it can be very elegant and beautiful, and it can be everything in between. It can also be more challenging than contra, and dancers who dance both ECD and contra find that their contra dance skills improve, thanks to the skills practiced in ECD.

The music for English Country Dance is as varied as the dances. For many of us who love ECD, the music is an important reason why. You'll hear some of the same jigs, reels, and waltzes that you hear at a contra dance — remember, contra descended from ECD — plus many, many more, ranging from classical compositions of Purcell and Handel to bawdy pub tunes.”



Thursday, December 5, from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM


St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Parish Hall at 1819 Heights Boulevard