Spiritual Reading Group

A new St. Andrew’s Spiritual Reading Group will meet the second Monday of every month beginning at 6:30 pm in St. Andrew’s House on December 8. The first book the group will discuss is The Practice of Prayer by Margaret Guenther. 

Copies may be purchased at amazon.com. Led by John Ibanez, the group will offer an opportunity to explore and discuss theology from an Episcopalian perspective. The first book is part of The New Church’s Teaching Series which is written for adults who are not cradle Anglicans, but who come from other religious traditions or from no tradition at all, and want to know what Anglicanism has to offer. The series explores the themes of the Christian life through Holy Scripture, historical and contemporary theology, worship, spirituality, and social witness.

By reading these and other books together we can more deeply explore the meaning and the message. All are invited to participate—for more information join the SAEC Spiritual Reading Group on Facebook or email johngibanez@gmail.com.


Starting Monday, December 8 - SECOND MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH, at 6:30 PM


St. Andrew's HOUSE, 1811 Heights Boulevard