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Setting Up Automatic Pledge Payments

To set up an automatic payment to St. Andrew’s, you will need to contact your banking institution directly. You may log on to your bank’s online bill payment system or contact your bank by phone for instructions. Your bank will likely require some or all of the following information:

Name:  St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

Address:  1819 Heights Boulevard, Houston, TX 77018

Phone:  713-861-5596

Account Number: This will not be required.

You may set up a one-time payment or recurring payments in any amount. You should also be able to choose the frequency of payments and the date(s) when payments will be made. Payments can be changed or stopped at any time. Once you have set up automatic payments, checks from your account will be mailed directly to St. Andrew’s. Checks received will be counted with our weekly Sunday collection.

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church 2018 Annual Giving Campaign

The Future is Bright

From Elspeth Hixon and Collin Ricklefs, Stewardship Co-Chairs

 As summer comes to a close we are looking forward to a season of new beginnings: a new school year, cooler weather, and a fresh start to church activities. This season also marks the beginning of our stewardship campaign and we are excited to announce that our theme this year is “The Future is Bright.” In a world of uncertainty, we are blessed to find hope for the future in God and in our parish, and it’s up to each of us to be good stewards of that future. In 1 Timothy 6:18-19, Paul writes to his protégé Timothy to “command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life.” This season of new beginnings is an opportunity for us to recommit our efforts to lay that firm foundation, from small deeds like a smile for a stranger to larger ones like dedicating ourselves to church ministries.

This year’s theme is even brighter because we looked to our talented parish to design our stewardship materials. Stephen Duffin created the logo featuring our own church doors and Steve Oprea has made a wonderful video. The campaign will kick off on October 8 and continue through the October 29. We look forward to sharing our season of new beginnings with everyone at St. Andrew’s.

Fundraising Policy



Adopted by Vestry, October 15, 2017

Purpose: To help SAEC practice good stewardship, support the church and its fundraisers, and act respectfully to members of the congregation.

·         A “fundraiser” is defined as the holding of an event, the sale of items, or the collection of items or money for the purpose of generating funds to benefit SAEC, a ministry of SAEC or a specific cause supported by SAEC.

·         All fundraising activities must be consistent with the SAEC mission statement, sponsored by a church member, approved in advance by the Vestry, and must be proposed and conducted in accordance with Vestry-approved policy and procedures.

·         Requests for approval of fundraising activities in a given “month M” must be submitted to the Vestry via the Senior Warden no later than the Monday immediately preceding the third (3rd) Sunday of “month M-2”.  For example, a request for approval of a fundraiser in July must be submitted by the Monday immediately preceding the third (3rd) Sunday in May.

·         The application may be downloaded or picked up at the church office during office hours.

·         Fundraisers must be approved by the Vestry prior to any announcement in The Voice, via email, on the SAEC website, or by other means.                  

·         In general, fundraising activities are discouraged during the time of the annual Stewardship Campaign, usually in the month of October, unless a specific exception is approved by the Vestry. 

·         Regularly scheduled, Parish activities take priority over special fundraiser events, unless a specific exception is approved by the Vestry. 

·         A SAEC fundraiser event may not benefit a for-profit organization.

·         A SAEC fundraiser may not involve raffles or any other gambling activity.

·         Once approved by the Vestry, the event must be put on the church calendar by the parish administrator.

·         All monies generated by fundraisers or otherwise gifted to SAEC shall go to the general operating fund and shall not be earmarked for designated purposes, unless a specific exception is approved by the Vestry.

Support St. Andrew's When You Shop

If you shop at Randall's or Kroger, you can give to St. Andrew's every time you check out. When you participate, St. Andrew's will receive a percentage of your total purchases. To sign up for the programs, simply follow the links below to start earning while you shop! 

Kroger Community Rewards
Help Us Earn Kroger Rewards - Support St. Andrew's Episcopal Church when you shop at Kroger! It's easy when you enroll in Kroger Community Rewards®! To get started, sign up with your Plus Card and select St. Andrew's Episcopal Church as the organization you choose to support. Once enrolled, you'll earn rewards for St. Andrew's every time you shop and use your Plus Card! It's easy to enroll online--just follow the instructions provided and use our organization number 83715 or choose St. Andrew's Episcopal Church from the list of organizations. Your purchases won't help St. Andrew's until you register, so sign up today! 

Randall's Good Neighbor Program
Complete the form to link your Remarkable Card to St. Andrew's Episcopal Church (Charity#1660).