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To set up an automatic payment to St. Andrew’s, you will need to contact your banking institution directly. You may log on to your bank’s online bill payment system or contact your bank by phone for instructions. Your bank will likely require some or all of the following information:

Name:  St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

Address:  1819 Heights Boulevard, Houston, TX 77018

Phone:  713-861-5596

Account Number: This will not be required.

You may set up a one-time payment or recurring payments in any amount. You should also be able to choose the frequency of payments and the date(s) when payments will be made. Payments can be changed or stopped at any time. Once you have set up automatic payments, checks from your account will be mailed directly to St. Andrew’s. Checks received will be counted with our weekly Sunday collection.

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church 2017 Annual Giving Campaign

We are excited to announce our 2017 stewardship campaign theme: Living Generously. The theme is inspired by Psalm 112, which tells us that "good will come to those who are generous and lend freely." Stewardship is a prayerful time for us as a parish to reflect on what generosity means in our own lives, both in what we receive and what we can give. The stewardship committee members this year are Steve Oprea, Nancy Simpson, Sarrah Moseley, Jerry Gallagher, Teri Jo Nicholson, Laurie Hardwick and John Ibanez. We’re looking forward to the kickoff on Sunday, October 9 and an exciting campaign with videos, parishioner profiles and speakers.

Reflection 10-9-16

Elspeth Hixon:

Good morning.

For those of you who don’t know us, I’m Elspeth Hixon and I’m here with Ray Purser. We’re the chairs of the stewardship committee this year.

We’ve been working with a wonderful group over the past several months to bring you a giving campaign that we’re really excited to kick off today. This year we have a 4-week campaign, concluding on Oct 30th with a celebration luncheon, and you can look forward to seeing parishioner profiles in your programs, hearing parishioner reflections, and we have posters, mailings, and videos.

This year the theme is Living Generously. Living generously is about giving of ourselves, and not out of obligation, but out of joy and thanks for all we have. Look at your neighbors beside you, behind you, in front of you. We all together are parishioners doing God’s work. Your neighbors volunteer in Altar guild, keeping our linens beautiful, liturgy committee, keeping our service beautiful, working as acolytes and ushers, putting on Bazaars and Blessing of the Animals, and packing sack lunches.

We take these 4 weeks to reflect on what this work means to us and how we want to support it not just spiritually, but also financially with your pledge. So look in your mailbox next week for your pledge packet, or pick one up in your pew, and please fill out your pledge and put it in the collection plate whenever you feel called to do so to support continuing work in 2017

Ray is going to offer a personal story about what it means to give.

Ray Purser: 

I give because it makes me feel good to live generously.  I get a sense of satisfaction knowing that I am helping the great work that is taking place at St. Andrews and because we are giving back to a place that makes me and my Husband Doug feel welcome. 

Coming to St. Andrew’s every week replenishes the spiritual food I need to survive this crazy and hectic world we live in.   It’s the one part of my week on a Sunday morning that I don’t carry my smart phones with me, I carry two and am on call 24/7.  I do this to make sure I find vital peace here so I can take the time to reflect on what I am grateful for this past week and think about where I may need God’s help in the coming week.  It keeps me balanced.  And making St. Andrew’s a cornerstone of my giving plan each year helps ground me in the fact that God will take care of me. 

I have certainly had my share of struggles in my 54 years.  Each of us will have very difficult periods in our lives, some more than others, there will be times when we have less to give both physically and financially. And in those moments we know we can turn to St. Andrew’s for more spiritual food.   St. Andrew’s is really the first place many people turn to in a time of need.   And it makes me feel good to know that when I give to St. Andrew’s I am taking care of my friends and neighbors. As you consider your own path to Living Generously remember that God never wants us to give beyond our means. Giving generously is really giving the amount that makes you feel good and gives you that personal feeling of satisfaction.   

Elspeth Hixon on Living Generously:

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