The Daughters of the King—Celebrating a Century of Commitment

DOK Transfiguration Chapter would like to thank St. Andrew's vestry & church members for the wonderful reception on November 3 which celebrated their first 100 years of prayer, service & evangelism at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church!

Texas Diocese DOK Vice President, Erika Anzaldua-Callison skillfully presented their rich history of strength, courage and devotion. 

Speaking for all present and future Daughters, the opportunities are our blessings and we will always be grateful.  

Current DOK Members at St. Andrew's: Cathey Harrison, Kathleen Galbraith, Gina Nicole Tuttle, Georgia Kirk, Deidre Grawl, Chris Barker, Erika Anzaldua-Callison, Elaine Massey, and Addie Smith, Michelle Hitt, Ann Belleri, Bonnie Fairbanks, Francine Farmer, Betty Hayes, Marianne Haynes, Olivia Jordan, Cecile McCurley and Anne Hulme Sloan