For the past nine years of ordained ministry, I have by habit taken Monday as a Sabbath. For a variety of reasons, I have decided to change my Sabbath to Fridays instead of Mondays. I mention this only because working at St. Andrew’s on Mondays allows me the opportunity to have conversation with parishioner David Roberts. David sits at Trish’s desk on Monday mornings, and hands out sack lunches to the hungry in our community. My heart was warmed when I saw that in addition to the sack lunches David offered our visitors, he also offered them fresh donuts from a nearby donut shop in the Heights which he had purchased on his way here. 

That kind of hospitality David offers mirrors the extraordinary gracious and warm welcome Marla, myself, and our family have received at St. Andrew’s. From the welcome Meet & Greets offered in parishioner homes to the Sunday lunch reception in the Parish Hall on our first Sunday, our family is so grateful for the outpouring of gracious hospitality received at this wonderful parish. 

I would like to thank the Meet & Greet hosts Liz Dennis, Anne Jones, Margaret Kroehler, Bob DeCesare and Sam Hsu, Rebecca and Kevin Robertson, Chris Barker, Martha and Jerry Gallagher, Sarrah Moseley, Elaine Massey, Mary Pauline McElroy, and Dorothy Yannuzzi.

As mentioned earlier, the Sunday welcome reception was glorious, and I am especially grateful to Laurie Hardwick, Lisa Mustacchia, the Hospitality Team, Nancy Simpson, and St. Andrew’s School for their hospitality. I know that there were likely others who assisted with this reception, and if I did not mention your name, please know how grateful I am!

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to the entire Vestry, and to Sarrah Moseley (Junior Warden) and Greg Caudell (Senior Warden). They have been invaluable during my transition to St. Andrew’s and I am thankful for their work and service to St. Andrew’s.

As I write this letter, our family is now officially moved into the Heights, a few blocks away from the church. Although there are still moving boxes in our home, we are starting to feel more settled, and excited about living in the neighborhood. Personally, I am glad that we are in walking distance to Torchy’sTacos! If their chili con queso doesn’t prove that God is good, I am not sure what possibly could.

Thank you all for your support and prayers. Please continue to pray for our family as we settle into our home and into St. Andrew’s.

With love,