June: An Abundant God


Sunday, June 8, is Abundance Sunday. It is a day in which we consider all our blessings, whatever they may be. For many of us our most dear blessings are our partners, spouses, children, family and friends.

In the weeks leading up to Abundance Sunday, you will have an opportunity to write on paper the “abundance” for which you are most thankful. The completed papers will be collected and presented on the altar June 8. What will you put onto that paper? For what abundance in your life are you thankful?

If I were to think of a word that would characterize Abundance Sunday, the word that comes to my mind is gratitude. And gratitude, in my opinion, is the foundation of good stewardship. Perhaps, more than just the foundation, it is the very birthplace of stewardship. I say that because when we decide to give out of our abundance, we do so simply because we are grateful. We are grateful to God for all the good things in our life, all the abundance, which God has provided for us.

Our gratitude also gives us the perspective to remember that the abundance we receive in our life is not our own – it really belongs to God. So, on Abundance Sunday, we honor our abundance by giving it back to God – its rightful owner. 

I hope you will plan and join us June 8. We will also be celebrating abundance in a wonderful way with Holy Baptism. What better way to celebrate abundance than by welcoming new infants into the Kingdom of God!

I look forward to seeing you then, as we celebrate the true abundance of God’s Kingdom. 

With love,