January: Reorder & Resolve


Happy New Year to each and every one. I like the idea of having a fresh starting point, do you? We have once again experienced the Advent season of reflection and anticipation and perhaps seeking forgiveness and asking for a clean heart. We then welcomed the fresh new  baby Savior into our hearts and our lives at Christmas. Now it is time to reorder our thoughts, our habits, and our intentions. Reorder and Resolve. Happy New Year indeed.

We now move into Epiphany, a season which recalls many of the significant ways the adult Savior revealed himself to mankind. Epiphanies of Christ continue to this day and are often experienced in the course of reaching out and serving our neighbors. If your re-ordering includes exploring ways to serve at St. Andrew's or if you think you would like to move from a ministry you have long done into one using different gifts, please read the rest of this newsletter. There are many outreach opportunities within our parish community which serve a variety of needs of our neighbors and offer opportunities to encounter Christ in the other person as well as in ourselves. Your Deacon welcomes the opportunity to explore your gifts and discuss the opportunities with you. You may even have an idea for a new parish ministry.