May: Love Incarnate


From Easter Sunday through Pentecost Sunday we hear a great deal about Jesus' Resurrection appearances, Acts of the Apostles, and Paul's interpretations of the life and teachings of Jesus. Throughout it all are repeated examples of Love Incarnate. That is what Jesus was and is, after all. Jesus love is not always easy to live. It is not always easy because as we are formed from infancy, we also learn a lot about cruelty, hate, being the best at any price, enemies, and ego. 

These lessons make rationalization and exclusive behavior seem more attractive and rewarding than Jesus love.  But make no mistake: Jesus clearly commanded us to love ALL his brothers and sisters. Jesus commanded us to love our enemies. Jesus love means not considering ourselves to be better than others. It means being considerate, respectful, and compassionate with and for all Jesus' brothers and sisters. It means praying to want to love in this way when we find it nearly impossible to do so. It also means praying that all who call on Jesus to love them, may journey ever closer toward living Jesus love.