It is that time of year when it seems everyone and every organization has a hand out. The temptation is to ignore them all and perhaps put on a cloak of guilt. It is true that one person, one household, one bank account cannot solve all the problems and fix all the woes of the world. We, as Christians, can however make a huge difference in the place where each of us is planted. We are commissioned through our Baptism to spread the Gospel by living as Christ lives. Jesus did not, according to Scripture, personally heal the whole of Judea. Yet, he brought Good News through his acts to those around him. That is what we can and must do. I urge us to be mindful and prayerful in our giving this season.  Know the causes and organizations with which you share your abundance. Ask God how He would have you share, desiring the fulfillment of his purpose in the world. Remember, too, that sharing our abundance of time, talent, education, etc. is equally important and is a blessing to others, to God and to ourselves.


A Grief Support group has formed and will meet on the first Saturday of each month to share and sojourn together through the process and work of grieving. Anyone who has suffered a recent loss is invited to meet with us. Loss is defined as the death of a relationship and is not just the death of a loved one. We grieve when we lose employment, when we go through divorce, when we have to relocate, etc. This group is lead by the Deacon. If you have an interest or questions, please contact me

The Ministries Fair from the Deacon’s view was quite successful. I personally thank all who participate in any of the many outreach projects of this parish. The week prior I received requests from Heights Interfaith Ministries, and these were filled that day!

Pat Gentry generously agreed to help with meal delivery to Height Towers and Heights House while Jennifer Moffett from St. Mark’s is on medical leave. If anyone else is interested in this ministry, more hands could mean the ability to deliver more meals to homebound persons.

Ward Birkett and Brian Harrison will represent St. Andrew’s on the Heights Interfaith Ministries committee to plan this year’s Community Thanksgiving Dinner. Our parish hosted this event a few years ago. Anyone desiring to be a part of the 2013 event, please see Ward or Brian. 

Do you hear that clicking sound? It is the knitting needles of Priscilla Burroughs who brought several wool hats to the Outreach Table and said more were in the planning. There are kits and instructions for both crocheting and knitting located on the bench in the Oak Table Room.

Elaine Massey has agreed to continue to provide oversight for the Sack Lunch Project, and a full committee has formed, sharing the responsibility for individual items to place in the lunch bags. Several more signed up for the October preparation (Scheduled for Oct. 6) and there are ample opportunities for everyone to commit for November and future months. Remember to stop in the back hallway and place your name on at least one line of the Sack Lunch chart. If you are not able to shop and transport these items, you may participate by donating funds for one of the committee members to fill in what is needed. You can offer your check, with “Sack Lunch” in the memo corner, with the alms on Sundays or mail it to the church office.