“Summer time and the livin’ is easy.” So says the song lyrics. However living through a Houston summer of high temperatures and humidity is not easy for everyone. Our brothers and sisters living on the street are as challenged by summer weather as they are by the very cold of winter. Families living with meager incomes that do not permit use of air conditioning struggle through the heat. Older folks, regardless of social status, find it increasingly difficult to bear the summer weather and are at greater risk for heat stroke.

Let us be aware of those around us as we enjoy our AC cooled homes and our comfortable patios and pools. Check on any elders living around you to make sure they are adequately cooled during the hottest months. Take care of yourselves by staying hydrated, using sunscreen, and paying attention to weather reports.

Scripture tells us our bodies are to be God’s temples. We are charged with maintaining those temples so that we may serve God and neighbors and do all things to His glory. I find this to be not an easy task and think many would agree with me. I do find that when I remember the charge to care for myself as something that pleases God, I am more inclined to be health-minded and disciplined. May your summer include lots of easy livin’ moments, time for rest and renewal, and opportunities to benefit from caring about those around you.

Peace and Blessings!