Sunday Mornings

9:30-10:30 am  

Stories and art for PreK through 5th grade

For many families there is a desire for their children to grow up with church friends. This is such an important reason to make time for engaging with the church community. Children and parents who establish relationships and maintain those friendships over the years create a network of support that can’t be found in other settings. This is a huge part of Sunday School.

Children’s Sunday School during the 9:30 am Sunday Education Hour offers Godly Play for PreK through 1st grade, Surrounded by the Story for 2nd through 5th grade, and The Parlor for junior and senior high youth, but just as important as the curriculum is the experience of getting to know other families who are part of their church. Consider whether your family can spend an hour before the 10:30 am service to build relationships, learn the stories of our faith and deepen connections with others.

2017 Summertime at St. Andrew's

Summer with the Saints is for children in preschool through 5th grade.  We will learn about Saints Kateri, Mary Magdelene and Joachim.  Children and parents are invited to the 9:30 Sunday Education Hour class in the 2nd floor classrooms.


Godly Play Class for PreK through 1st grade

Children enjoy the Godly Play curriculum, a story-based way of learning about God’s sacred stories. The class meets in the Godly play classroom on the 2nd floor.


Creative Space Class for 2nd through 5th grade

Children take a fresh look at the New Testament - Bible Overview puts the Bible in perspective with interactive lessons for older kids! The class meets in the Creative Space classroom on the 2nd floor.

For more information about Christian Education for young people and families please contact Lisa Puccio, Coordinator of Special Needs Worship and Family Formation, or call 713-861-5596.


Nursery Welcomes Little Ones

The St. Andrew's Nursery is available from 9:15 am until noon every Sunday for infants through 3 years and is located on the first floor just beyond the Oak Table Room. Our professional caregivers provide a safe and caring environment to nurture our youngest children. Along with age appropriate classroom materials, we provide Seasons of the Spirit Bible stories and activities for toddlers. 

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Puccio.

Christian Education for Children


The Godly Play Room


The Creative Space ClassRoom