Our Vestry

The vestry is the governing body of the church, composed of men and women elected at the annual parish meeting in January. The vestry meets approximately once a month with the rector to set policies, administer funds and oversee the operation of the church. In addition, vestry members are assigned to committees that oversee the service and fellowship activities of the church. Vestry members are elected for staggered three-year terms.

Collin Ricklefs, Senior Warden

Plans, supports and oversees parish-wide initiatives and works

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Michael Bosch, Junior Warden

Oversees and coordinates property maintenance for the church, building and grounds

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John Alexander, Finance Committee Chair

Coordinates parish finances and supports various parish efforts

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Ray Purser, Stewardship Committee Chair for 2018

Coordinates stewardship endeavors as they relate to time, talent and treasure

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Alli Jarrett, Stewardship Committee (2019 Chair)

Helps coordinate stewardship endeavors as they relate to time, talent, and treasure

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Cyd Cameron, Newcomer Committee Chair

Coordinates programs to welcome visitors and new members to our parish

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Elizabeth Gleason, Communications Committee Chair

Supports parish communication, both internally and externally

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Steve Oprea, Liturgy Committee Chair/Safety & Security/Inquirer's Class

Supports the Liturgy Committee, advises on safety and security issues and aides the rectors with the Inquirer's Classes

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John Randall, Technology Committee Chair

Supports the Technology Committee 

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Rashmi Saikia, Outreach Committee

Coordinates outreach programs and events

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PJ Arendt-Ford, Facilities Planning Goal Team Leader, Mission and Vision Steering Committee Liaison

Supports and oversees parish planning for long-term goals

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Paul Hardwick, School Board Liaison

Supports and oversees parish communication between church and school

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DeAnna Bosch, Clerk of the Vestry

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