Who We Are

While we’re located in the Heights, we come from all over the Houston area. We’re as eclectic in our talents and personalities as Houston’s quirky unzoned streets—contributing to and nurturing our community through family, tradition, inclusiveness, and outreach.

With open, honest conversation, prayer and meditation, we realize that we still have much to do. Keeping this in our hearts and minds, we are inspired to be the parish that God calls us to be.

Our Mission:

We are a caring community of Christ that, by God’s grace, nurtures faithful relationships and spiritual growth.

Our Core Values: 

Church Family - An intergenerational congregation that serves as a spiritual home providing fellowship and support.

Tradition - Practice and value traditional Episcopal/Anglican liturgy in worship based on regular Holy Communion and prayer.

Inclusive - A loving community of Christ welcoming all.

Outreach - Supports the surrounding community through hands-on volunteerism which reflects the Christ within and among us.

Our Vision (Strategic Priorities):

Welcome and Embrace - St. Andrew's is a loving church that attracts and welcomes all into a relationship with God and each other. We care for each other and those who come to us. All members are encouraged to grow spiritually through active ministry. We provide opportunities for everyone to minister together to restore relationships and build new ones.

Following God Into the Community - St. Andrew's works with community partners, the diocese and others to bring healing, comfort and peace to those in need. We share our facilities to support this ministry. We are engaged in acts of compassion and justice as we strive to address individual and community needs. We want to know our neighbors and be known by them; we want to be people who both listen and respond.

Worship and Spiritual Growth - St. Andrew's offers opportunities to worship in the Episcopal tradition. We are shaped by relevant preaching, communal prayer and sacred music. We foster personal development and spiritual growth through learning, service, fellowship and laughter.

Children and Youth - St. Andrew's is a safe community where families can grow together. Children and youth of all abilities come to know each other and God through the unique wisdom of the Episcopal tradition. We empower them to be leaders in worship and in the community, and we provide age-appropriate opportunities to grow spiritually through acts of service and justice. 

Our Mission & Vision Work Teams

Who and what will St. Andrew’s be in five to seven years? These are the questions being explored by our Mission & Vision Work Teams. This work, which began in 2016, is a parishioner-driven effort to gauge members' ideas of what we want St. Andrew’s to be, and then to bring that vision to life in our community. A parish-wide survey in 2017 helped the steering committee gather ideas and priorities. Five work teams were formed to research and deliver on possible outcomes, and these teams continue to meet to bring the vision to life: 
Following God into the Community – Angela Beeson (Lead), Pat Caver, Carly Brown, Priscilla Burroughs, Charlie Harrison

Welcome and Embrace – Martha Gallagher (Lead), Laurie Hardwick, Margo Ornelas

Worship and Spiritual Growth – Kyle Jones (Lead), John Kirk, Paul Hardwick, Laura Mergens, Kelly Elliott

Children and Youth – Mary Eyuboglu (Lead), Jaclyn Harrison, Ben Gibbs, Lisa Puccio, Lisa Moore, Martha Rac

Facilities – PJ Arendt-Ford (Lead), Erin Biscone, Tony Brown, Deb Perl, Daniel Reat, John Randall, Ben Esquivel