The Men of St. Andrew's & Knights of Columbus at St. Theresa's Catholic Church Give Profound Thanks & Brisket Prepping Tips

The Men of St. Andrew's and the Knights of Columbus at St. Theresa Catholic Church want to give our profound thanks for choosing us to help provide for your Super Bowl party.  We all had a practice run last weekend and believe we will be providing you with a fantastic brisket to share with your friends for the big football game.

As some may know, cooking a brisket is a combination of science and art.  However, one part of a fantastic brisket that isn't discussed very often is that how it is carved is every bit as important to how well it was cooked.  Please take some time to watch the following video prior to cutting your brisket up:

A few points to take into account:

  • Have a very, very sharp knife! This can not be stressed enough. In that video, you can see that he moves almost effortlessly through the meat. There is a reason he is able to do so. I will see about getting a knife sharpener available for sharpening a knife for you this coming Saturday.
  • Don't throw away your fat (at least not immediately). Once everyone has had their tummy filled with brisket, you will most likely have some left over brisket. The best way to use the left overs is to chop it up for future use as a chopped beef sandwich. When you are chopping it up, you will need to add some of the fat into the meet so that the meat isn't too dry when it is reheated. Only you will know how much fat you want to add, but sometimes "more is more" when it comes to good eats. Just put the left over chopped beef in the freezer and reheat when you are hungry!
  • As you can tell in the video: Please, please, please cut against the grain. It's the only way the meat will be tender. Are you getting the idea that cutting against the grain is important????
  • Don't worry if you can't shave your brisket as well as the guy in the video can. He does it for a living it would appear.
  • One last thing on this topic: cut against the grain . . .

We will begin cooking the briskets around 3:00 to 4:00 am Saturday morning (only the Pit will let us know when it's ready to begin cooking) so that they have plenty of time to properly cook over wood (as our Father in Heaven intended!!!) so that they have a nice smoke ring and the meat tenderizes.  They should all be ready by no later than 5:00ish pm Saturday (February 1st), but ask that you call any of the following about 2:30ish pm so that we can give you a progress report:
Todd Saha at 713-299-7502
Jack McCormick at 832-661-7400
Jerry Gallagher at 713-530-4132
Also, feel free to stop by during the early morning and throughout the day.  This cookout is really more about fellowship and getting to know each other than it is about raising money for each church.  We would love for you to come and stay as long as you want!